CLIFF SGR Made in Italy – Private Debt n. 1

CLIFF SGR Made in Italy – Private Debt n. 1

CLIFF SGR Private Debt is the fund that invests in Italian SMEs not listed on regulated markets.

We constantly monitor the main trends in economic development both nationally and internationally, with the aim of investing in companies with high growth potential and a strategic focus for the Italian production system.
Support for the Italian real economy is realized through the use of resources in the financial ecosystem.

The Fund sees financial institutions synergistically involved, making use of innovative rules that create favorable conditions to enhance and stimulate the entrepreneurial capacity of SMEs and the Italian production system in general.

The Fund’s aim is to offer a source of financial support to SMEs, in a tailor-made logic, with features of medium and long-term financing, as well as flexible guarantees, requirements and repayment options.

Why Private Debt?

The Italian Private Debt market is in a constant development phase.

CLIFF SGR Made in Italy – Private Debt n. 1, by virtue of the high know-how of the Fund Managers, is configured to financially support Italian SMEs in the market, supporting their competitiveness, innovation and internationalization.